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5 Key Cupcake Trends for 2013!

According to "When Angels Cook" the following are the Five Key Cupcake Trends for 2013.  Visit our Facebook page and let us know if you agree or disagree? Or give us your top 5 Cupcake Trends for 2013!

Naked Cupcakes

Now don't start blushing yet, this title is really just code for the rise of the simplistic.  Cupcakes with minimal or no decoration could be taking the place of extravagant sprinkles and decor!

Hidden Surprise

Once again in keeping with the minimalist wave, some are creating cupcakes that keep the most decadant flavors and sweetness under the icing.  Creating even greater anticipation of that first delicious bite!  

Romatic Decorations

For those who reject the simplistic approach, other talented cupcake creators are coming up with more elegant decorations which include lovely lace, gently folded ruffles and soothing pastel colors. A little less "in your face" if that's what suits your fancy.

Pastel Colors

According to our blogger friend, more and more people are refusing the basic white for angelic pastels and heavenly shades, especially as summer approaches!

Intricate Additions

With cupcakes becoming an acceptable and even preferred replacement for staple center pieces like wedding cakes and birthday cakes, more and more cupcake creators are displaying their more artistic side with incredible detail and decor adorning their mini cakes!

We're not sure if these are truly the 5 Key Cupcake Trends for 2013, but certainly fun and sweet food for thought!!

Cannabis Cupcakes the New Craze?

Now now we're not saying that Mamalee's Cookies and Cakes is adding Cannabis Cupcakes to its Menu, but a recent article in the Huff Post Los Angeles discussed the effects the legalization of medical marijuana has had and may have on the cupcake industry.  As more and more states legalize the use of medicinal marijuana, there will be a greater need for methods of consumption alternative to smoking.  Could cupcakes be the answer? We're not sure, but it certainly will be interesting to keep an eye on this growing trend to see if "Cannabis Cupcake" really are the wave of the future!!

Just a fun note for your Wednesday!!

Remember CUPCAKES Make Everthing Better!!


What's YOUR Favorite Cupcake Flavor?

Moon Pie Cupcake, Chocolate, StrawberryAccording to TLS Cooking, a recent poll shows the TOP 10 Most Popular Cupcake Flavors are......

9. Pumpkin

8. Bananna

7. Coffee

6. Chocolate

5. Lemon

4. Peanut Butter

3. Carrot Cake

2. Red Velvet


Who said chocolate and vanilla flavored cupcakes are boring?! Well whomever it was they were wrong. Chocolate and vanilla flavored cupcakes ranked the number one cupcake choice among those polled. So what's your favorite cupcake flavor??

Find Mamalee's Cookies and Cakes on Facebook and let us know YOUR favorite cupcake flavor today!! 

Antime is a good time for a cupcake!!!